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5 Reasons Why You Should Climb Mt. Rainier

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May 18, 2015
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June 8, 2015


The better question is why not? Mount Rainier is the highest glaciated peak in the Lower 48 States and is the perfect setting to learn essential snow and ice mountaineering skills. Your learning and experience on our Rainier climb will not only challenge you but it will prepare you for bigger mountains and other alpine objectives. Rainier is a “must do” challenge for all aspiring. 

 Here are some of our top reasons why you should consider our July trip and why going with San Juan Mountain Guides makes all the difference:

1. A Challenge For All Who Accept It: Not to deter you but to motivate the inner mountaineer within, it’s true that hard work is required for the best things in life – Mt. Rainier is no different. mt-rainier-2 As the Head Climbing Ranger for Mt. Rainier National Park, Mike Gauthier puts it, “As dangerous as Mount Rainier is, it’s not insane to climb it. You’re not hanging out over thin air dangling from a rope. It’s an exciting, adventurous endeavor. It is an attainable goal, if you put in the training.”  The highest trailhead requires the climber to gain 9,000 feet of elevation to reach the summit, as much as from Everest ABC to its summit! Around 10,000 people push for the summit each year for the challenge and the reward – the spectacular 360 view of Washington and beyond.

2. Active Volcano with Glaciers for Days: Somewhat ironic that Mt. Rainier is considered an active volcano and is also the highest glaciated peak in the lower 48! No other mountain is as extensively glaciated or has as much prominence. The scale and character of Mt. Rainier resembles that of peaks you would find in the Alaskan range which draws many to this diverse and unique expedition.

3. Experience The Kautz Route: The Kautz Glacier is a great intermediate climb, a bit more demanding and technically challenging than the standard routes. It is a good choice for people in good condition who have done some previous climbing; are looking to hone their alpine skills; and are seeking a greater summit day challenge.  The climbing may consist of 2 or 3 pitches of 50 to 60 degree snow and ice. Ice and snow protection is required as well as a second tool for this section. It is a great adventure for those who seek to swing ice tools on this vertical endeavor.

4. Accessibility to a Premiere Expedition: So your saying you can’t take two weeks to do an international expedition? Most people can’t! This makes Mt. Rainier a great option for those who want to experience a technical and challenging expedition but may not have the time to do a longer trip. Our program is a week long and flying into either Portland or Seattle makes it convenient for flight options.

5. The San Juan Mountain Guide Difference: Our Guides are meticulously selected because they are 1) fun to be with in the mountains, 2) incredible teachers and instructors, 3) recognized as the best athletes in their discipline – among the finest climbers and skiers in the industry, and 4) love what they do. Our guides genuinely enjoy working with every ability level from children or rank beginners to high end athletes wanting to learn cutting edge techniques and climb some of the hardest routes in the world. Our Company and each of our guides are AMGA or IFMGA Certified or trained.  These trainings and certifications insure that our clients are working with the best mountain practitioners in the industry.


Check out more about our Mt. Rainier Expedition this July 26th. Questions, comments? Contact us directly!