Andrés Marín

Andrés Marín

Andrés was born in Colombia where he started climbing at a young age. He moved in 2003 to Colorado. Since then, Andrés has had the opportunity to be involved in all kinds of fun adventures around the globe. Including first ascents in 4 continents & representing the US in 5 ice climbing worlds cups.

Andres Psyched for Talisman

  • What is your guiding background? I have the opportunity to guide pretty much in every terrain: rock, ice, alpine, expedition, high altitude and a little bit of easy skiing.
  • What do you love most about your job? Being outside meeting great people and going to incredible places.
  • Where are you from, where do you live? I’m from Colombia (jungle, hot and wild) I live in Ouray (mountains, ice and mellow)
  • Climbing (rock, alpine, ice, expedition), skiing, canyoning experience? Climbing for 15 years first ascents in 4 continents.
  • Favorite place to travel/climb/ski? So many… I have had the opportunity to climb b in places such as: AK, lower 48, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Greece, France, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia, Russia, China and Kyrgyzstan.
  • Idea of a good time? Good times with great friends & family.
  • Best qualities about you? I do my best to keep it real. I value very much being humble and being willing to give back.
  • What is most important to you? What do you value the most in a partner? Being humble and open to learn. Try hard and be kind. Stepping out of the comfort zone is key on becoming a better athlete and person.


  • Started guiding in 2003
  • Started with SJMG in 2006
  • Education: Sound Engineering Javeriana Unversity, Columbia
  • Certifications: AMGA Certified Rock & Alpine Guide, WFR, CPR, Level 3 Avy
  • Places you have climbed in outside the US: Colombia, Europe, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Kyrgystan, China, Greece, Mexico, France
  • Favorite climb in Ouray: The Talisman
  • Best thing after climbing: Get up, tune up, pump some iron, watch UFC.
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