Alpamayo Expedition Updates

Alpamayo Expedition Updates

Progress Towards High Camp

Alpamayo Expedition

Elias and his team are making good progress on Alpamayo. On the 4th of July they checked in from basecamp, and were planning to do a carry to moraine camp the following day. Everyone was doing well and in good spirits.

Two days later Elias called in with another report. Elías reported that they did a carry yesterday and today they are camping at the moraine camp at 5,000 m.

Tomorrow they will rest and the following day head to high camp. The weather has been good in the am, with rain in the afternoons. The forecast is showing favorable weather upcoming for the next five or so days, hopefully fine summiting weather. Climbers that he has spoken to that have climbed the peak recently have said that the route is in good shape.

This morning, Elias called in again with another update and reported that they took a mandatory weather day yesterday, after taking a rest day the day before.  The weather is looking beautiful Andean blue today. The team is planning to move to high camp today and summit tomorrow or the next day. Today is Rich Doren’s 53rd birthday!

Our second Alpamayo Expedition of the season starts on Thursday and is being led by SJMG Senior Guide Andres Marin.  Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. ChristinaChristina07-09-2013

    Happy Birthday, Rich! Thinking of you and wishing you good luck and good conditions. Can’t wait for you to get home. XO

  2. DougDoug07-09-2013

    Rich — have a great birthday! We’re glad to know the conditions are looking good. We’ll be thinking of you as you head to the summit. Good luck anbd stay safe!

    • Mary DoyleMary Doyle07-09-2013

      This is my second attempt to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope it goes through!!!
      It was good to get an update. This is a great way to celebrate. Reach to top then come
      home. We all miss you Love Mom

  3. Mary DoyleMary Doyle07-09-2013

    Happy Birthday, Rich! This will surely be one to remember.
    I am happy to get some reports and glad that the weather looks
    good enough to reach the summit. Always stay safe and hurry home.

  4. Roland ZuehlkeRoland Zuehlke07-09-2013

    Rich – third time is a charm after Ecuador. Sure easier to virtually climb these mountains without pee bottle than actually be in the rain soak tent. Happy B-Day and best of of luck for a safe summit day!

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