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Alpamayo Team Ready to Summit!

Alpamayo Expedition Updates
July 9, 2013
Alpamayo Team #1 Summit!
July 14, 2013

Established at Alpamayo High Camp

Elias just called in with an update for their Alpamayo team.  After 3 days hunkered down at Moraine Camp due to weather and plenty of fresh snow, the team finally made their climb to high camp and are now established and ready to push for the summit tomorrow.

The weather looks good for them and conditions on the route seem to be in optimal condition for the ascent.  We will be wishing them well on their climb of the French Direct Route on Alpamayo.  The French Direct (pictured) is characterized by steep snow and ice climbing up to 70 degrees.  This is now the preferred route to the summit, where in year’s past many teams opted for the Ferrari Route which is no longer climbed due to poorer conditions on that route.

We will update their progress tomorrow so stay tuned!

Alpamayo Alpamayo