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Alaska Mountaineering

Winter in the San Juans bears many similarities to alpine climbing in Alaska.  Cold temperatures, steep climbing and altitude closely resemble many of the challenges climber’s face in Alaska’s Ruth Gorge.  As a result, San Juan Mountain Guides have run numerous successful climbing trips and expeditions to the range – on routes such as Ham n’ Eggs and Shaken not Stirred on the Moose’s Tooth – to the SW Ridge of Peak 11,300.  The combination of our experienced, AMGA Certified Guides and local knowledge of the Alaska Range gives you the best chance for success on climbs in this range.

The Ruth Gorge

The Ruth Gorge is contained within Denali National Park and the Alaska Range. The Ruth Gorge is well known for it’s high quality alpine climbs at altitudes ranging from 7,000 – 11,000 feet. Therefore, a lengthy acclimatization period is not necessary. This allows our trips to be shorter and allows for the ability to attempt a number of different climbs, including the classic Ham and Eggs Couloir on the Moose’s Tooth.

Wrangell St. Elias

The Wrangell – St. Elias National Park is located on the Canadian / American border and just East of the Gulf of Alaska. This is America’s largest and least developed National Park. The highly glaciated peaks are some of the loftiest in North America, with majestic Mt. Logan reaching 19,560 ft., and imposing Mt. Saint Elias topping out at 18,008 ft. The park also contains the Bagley Ice Field, the largest ice sheet outside of the polar regions.

*If our scheduled climbs do not fit your needs, we can also schedule private dates to accommodate your schedule needs/requirements.

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