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Cotopaxi Express Dispatch #1

Placing an Ice Screw on Lead
January 15, 2014
Cotopaxi Express Dispatch #2
January 20, 2014

Team Assembled in Quito

Ecuador Volcanoes

Our 9 day Cotopaxi Express Expedition has begun with great success! First, all of our climbers arrived on time to Quito with all of their gear and baggage for the trip. A minor miracle to be sure!

Second, the group is all feeling great after a pretty easy day of travelling yesterday and a relaxing day in Quito viewing many historic sites. Finally, the weather to start this trip has been great so far, with great temperatures and a relatively clear day by Ecuador standards.

Everyone is in great spirits and ready for plenty of great hiking, climbing, and adventure to come!

Ecuador Volcanoes

Our team includes the following climbers:

Dan Smith
Shannon Smith
Skylar Smith
Dan Bornholdt
Stephen Smith
Suzanne Blumenthal
John Colonias
Karen Colonias
Sal Ahani

Our trip is being lead by the following guides:

Nate Disser
Dan Zokaites
Marcelo Puruncajas

Ecuador Volcanoes

Today was spent in Quito, adjusting to the relatively high altitude (10,000 ft.) and viewing many of the wonderful historic sites of Old Quito. It is a worthy and important day spent at this high capital of Ecuador. Tomorrow our group will head to our first acclimatization peak – Pasochoa as we continue with our acclimatization schedule, eventually culminating with an ascent of Cotopaxi.

The climb of Cotopaxi offers wonderful climbing at altitude and a chance to test your mountaineering skill on a high, glaciated peak. It also happens to be one of the most iconic climbs in all of South America.

We will attempt to update our progress on the blog, so stay tuned for more trip reports and pictures to come!