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Snowdon West Buttress
April 12, 2012
Alpine Leadership
July 4, 2012

Robert just came out and joined me in some Fast and Light climbing.  I had planned a standard solid itinerary but in quickly became apparent that standard was not what Robert came to Colorado for.

Day 1: We drove up to Andrews Lake and hiked into Snowdon planning to climb it on day 2.  We got to our campspot ahead of schedule and decided to go for the summit.  On the way down we went over snow school(self arresting, snow anchors, etc.). A full day ahead of scedule we decided to nix the day 3 plan of climbing North Twilight and go rock climbing at X-Rock and East Animas instead.  So we packed up and headed down to Andrews Lake to camp for the night.

Day 2: We got up early to drive to Durango and get gear.  We were climbing a 2 pitch route at X-rock by 7:30am.  A few more laps and it was time to drive across the valley and head up to East Animas.  A few more laps and a few trad leads for Robert, and it was time to head to Ouray and get ready for the Snake Couloir on the north side of Sneffles.

Day 3: We were walking away from the car at 5am.   The Snake Couloir was in great condition we were on top at 11:15am.  Much welcomed glissading down the East Slopes route got us back down to Blaine Basin.  From there a short hike and we were back at the car.

All in all it was a great trip that goes to show the more you put in, the more you get out.

Thanks for working hard Robert!