Find Yourself Ice Climbing


Searching for reason in this life.  Seeking adventure and challenge.  Why do we fuel the fire of the unknown?  With estimated risk and passion for exploration we go, and we find ourselves…ice climbing.  This life is for living.  When do we feel most alive?  When we are on the edge, in the moment, breathing and focusing on the now.  Ice Climbing lends us to challenge ourselves in perpetual growth and learning.  About our strengths and weaknesses, our temperament, about our fears and overcoming those fears.  Of course, learning the unlimited technical side of climbing, with each new climb we are exposed to more.  It turns out, we are capable of anything we set our hearts to.  Although I am not an extreme ice climber on the sharp end of super steep ice, I feel I reach my threshold and welcome the risk.  Thoughts stir in my mind about how freaked I am, and I have to reel in the mind and let courage take hold, along with enthusiasm for the climb.  Breathing and living fully; believing in possibilities to achieve, visualizing the movement.  Grateful for opportunities to explore myself in the natural world, all a while totally inspired by this gift.  The gift of water ice, an awesome wonder that is forever changing and changing me.  Great thanks goes to my mentor and partner for helping me realize the potential of touching ice and digging deep into the vault of my ability.  These experiences of ice climbing that I have been so lucky to have, would have not been possible with out SJMG Andres Marin.  It is with the confidence and composure of an elite guide and compassionate partner such as Andres, that these dreams of ice climbing evolve into reality.  Everyone that gets the privilege of climbing or going on an expedition with a guide like him will be completely stoked; because you know your in good hands, and that you will have an unforgettable adventure.  Maximizing learning in all aspects of climbing, safely and efficiently; meanwhile, enjoying the companionship and sharing the moment with a professional, inspiring guide.  SJMG invites you dream big, and would be honored to facilitate the evolution of turning your desires into reality.


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