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How to Get Stoked-Part I: Waking Up

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August 13, 2014
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November 6, 2014

Stokin’ ain’t just for the fire and keeping your average stoke-level high ain’t easy.

If it was easy to be stoked on everyday life as we get stoked for our outdoor pursuits and life passion, then the very existence of “stoke” would cease to exist and life would almost be…well boring. With that being said, it is not easy to keep stoke-levels high each day when your ultimate stoke-level is fueled by thrashing some pow in the back-country, scaling granite rock in the high-country, crushing trails on your mountain bike or whatever your fix may be.

Medical trials and years of research have proven that your stoke-level is significantly lower when dealing with normal life obligations on a Monday morning. Although I can’t guarantee maximum stoke, I do have a solution to raising your stoke-level above the Monday average.

Here are a couple of scenarios when the average human-beings’ stoke-level is moderate to low and how you can raise that stoke-level and potentially have a high-level of stoke for the rest of your day. I can’t guarantee you the same levels as getting pow-shots to the face after a fresh snow-dump in the San Juans’ but I can promise that it will make your day go better and get you one day closer to those unbeatable days outdoors.


So peaceful until you have to wake up for life obligations!

When is your stoke-level the lowest you ask?

That’s right, the moment you wake up for work. Or maybe it isn’t work, but just waking up in general. If it isn’t for some epic adventure outdoors, you are looking at a moderate to low stoke-level at best. Here are some simple tools to help increase your average stoke-level and start the day off right. It’s recommended to do all of these steps for ultimate results.




Step #1: Brush that Tongue


Brushing the tongue first thing in the morning is considered the first step to an ultimate day of stoke. Also- you can raise the stoke-level of those around you by not having raunchy breath. It’s a two for one sort of deal.

The last thing you would expect right? According to  11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life, brushing your tongue as soon as you wake up can alert sensors and start the rejuvenation process you need to do to make the transition from sleep to wakefulness each day. Match that with a cup of water and you’ll be awoken from your zombie state and feeling alive in no time.

Step #2 Stretch

If the morning isn’t your ideal time for exercise then always make an effort to stretch. Stretching has proven to bring longevity to your life as well as prepare you for whatever outdoor adventure you may have later that day or week. For basic to advance yoga and stretching routines, check out Two things you need to know: #1 It’s FREE! and #2 Grokker gets it. We can’t all be yogis and spend a couple hours stretching so Grokker has modified videos for those of us on the go. Check out my fave–  7:12 minutes of Morning Yoga for Flexibility.

#2 Pump the Jams!

So what tunes do you dig when you are pursuing your outdoor passions?? That’s the first thing you should hear in the morning; not your mom telling you to pick up your laundry, or your roommate telling you to clean your dishes or even a simple conversation on the weather. For a higher-level of stoke, you should listen to your current jam before any interaction with other humans. This sets to tone for the day. If you do encounter a human while jammin’ out- it’s good practice to start a MDP (Morning Dance Party) which will result in Collective Stokification. Collective Stokificaton is consider good karma and practiced habitually in many regions of the world, so kudos if you are able to bring the good word of stoke to others early in the morning!

Looking for some high-level stoking tunes? This is what I have been listening to, I hope you enjoy!


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The Author: Kelsy Woodson

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