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Hat Trick – Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, and Ice Climbing in One Weekend!

Intro to Mountaineering
March 13, 2011
Kids Rock Climbing Programs in Durango, CO
May 10, 2011

Chris joined us for a hat trick weekend this last weekend of mountaineering, rock climbing, and ice climbing.

The weekend started out with a attempt at Snowdon peak where Ben and Chris made it to the Naked Lady coular before having to turn back.


So, with some extra daylight to kill, we took Chris to the beautiful East Animas cliffs for some afternoon rock climbing which was a warm welcome to the chillier morning in the snow…  this is what makes this area so great in the spring!   Done with winter?  Head towards town for some spring warmth and sun.

DSC01254 DSC01299

After Chris getting in some more leads and harder top-ropes, it was off to town for some well earned dinner.

Finally after a great dinner in town and a good nights sleep, we headed up to winter and Cascade Canyon for some ice climbing on the surprisingly fat ice climbs and some great mixed practice as well.

DSC01341_2 DSC01359

All together, another great “hat trick” weekend of varied endeavors and jam packed fun… I think this spring “Hat trick” thing could catch on.