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Ice Climbing in Cody, WY
March 11, 2012
Training for the Himalayas Part 2
March 21, 2012

Erin came down from Boulder to learn some skills and gain some experience in the world of winter mountaineering.  Since it was only her we tweeked the itinerary to fit her needs.  We started out with a half day of ice climbing in Cascade Canyon. Then drove up the pass and hiked into our Engineer camp in the afternoon.  The next day was a skills day in which we went over avalanche rescue, snow anchors, self arresting, techniques for walking with crampons, etc. On day three we got up early and climbed Engineer Mountain!  We had perfect weather the whole time which makes it hard not to have a good time!  Good climbing with you Erin, I hope to climb with you again in the future!