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Living The Dream, Another Great Weekend of Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing: Getting Ready for Artesonraju
March 8, 2011
Intro to Mountaineering
March 13, 2011

Despite getting food poisoning from suspect airport food, Chris trooped through the weekend in style.   Back in Ouray, Chris was able to overcome and conquer getting multiple pitches in between bouts of sickness.  Way to hang in there Chris!


The next day with Chris feeling much better, he was ready to up the ante with his climbing.  So with all the experience that he had gained with us he was ready to cross a major milestone in his climbing… His First Lead!!!

With a couple of Mock-leads the day before and a review on techniques, we found a nice WI3 that was well within his abilities, talked strategy, and off he went cruising his way to the top!


Despite some bumps, we had a great weekend and crossed a milestone.  Great job Chris!  We’ll see ya soon for Snowdon and more climbing!