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Ouray Highway 550: Kennedy’s Gulley

Ouray Highway 550: Gravity’s Rainbow
January 1, 2013
Intro to Winter Mountaineering
January 2, 2013

Pitch 2 Kennedy’s Gully

Get it while it is hot, or cold as the case may be! Cold enough for Kennedy’s Gully to come in. This is one of the coolest pitches in the San Juans. 50m of ice at a dream angle so you can see the air beneath your heels but you aren’t quite hanging off your arms.

Many people recognize this climb from a YouTube video that went viral. A climber, climbing the route WAY to late in the day, nearly goes for the big one off the top of this climb. Sure the route takes short screws and delicate climbing however it, like all but a few ice climbs, is not innately dangerous. Good judgement, experience, and measured self confidence go a long way in the mountains. Often further than brute strength.

The guides at San Juan Mountain Guide have years of experience climbing ice, rock, and mountains all over the world. We are excited to work with beginners and experienced lead climbers alike to help them get out on their own safely and in good style. We will help you develop the good judgement, experience, and measured self confidence to help you have more fun in the mountains.

Can you name this climb? Yes, you can see it from the road.

We took this right branching gully since the upper pitches of the main gully were totally dry.