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Pre-Season Stoke Training for Ice Climbing

Pre-Season Stoke – Training for Ice Climbing
November 5, 2015
Alaska Expedition 28 April 2016
April 28, 2016

Winter is at our doorstep here in Ouray. We have had some great snow storms over the past few weeks which will transfer nicely to good skiing and ice climbing. It is important to note the type of snow we have been receiving has had good water content. This especially makes for a perfect ice recipe. When we get sunny days and cold nights the melt freeze cycle will put us in excellent shape for ice formation. We eagerly hope that the precipitation keeps coming to beef up our snowpack and ice flows for this winter.

With the joy of winter’s arrival, we hope that everyone has begun to train for ice climbing. This week’s Pre-Season Stoke Training Series will focus on CORE STRENGTH. Your body revolves around your core. All of your movement originates from your abs, therefore having a solid core will transfer to good balance and body tension while climbing. Maintaining body tension with strong abdominals will promote good control & efficiency during your movement.

For a slew of great core exercise ideas checkout this article by CLIMBING.

Here are a few a really good core/grip strength combination exercise. This incorporates our previous Pre-Season Training topic, Grip Strength with Core Strength.

Dead Hang on Ice Tools with Ball Support

AM train 2





Lock-Offs with Ball Support

AM lockoff










One Arm Dead Hang with Ball Support

AM 1 arm hang train 3










Disclaimer: These exercises are intended to give you ideas to enhance your pre-season training sessions. Please consult a professional trainer or athlete for appropriate training schedules that fit your climbing goals and fitness level.