Recap of Recent Alaska Expedition April 16-23, 2014

Our trip to the Ruth Gorge was super fun; Ted, Chris, and I had a blast.
The flight in is always a mind blowing experience since we fly eye level to the mountains and huge rock walls.
The Ruth Gorge where we landed is an amazing place with awesome views of Mt. Barrill, Dickey, Bradley, Johnson and the Mooses Tooth Massive.
Our camp was right in front of the East Face of Dickey, it was a awe-inspiring every morning we woke up and got out off the tents.

The main objective was to climb the Mooses Tooth via the Ham and Eggs route, but the mountains had different plans for us. Due a serac collapse the runway up on the Ruth Canal wasn’t an option for the planes to land and a long hike to get there from the Ruth Gorge was now in our itinerary. Unfortunately, we encountered relatively warm conditions in combination with being one of the first teams to be there, so trail braking was in order for us everywhere we went, which made our plan much more difficult.
On top of that avy conditions didn’t help, so our plan to head up to the Ruth Canal ended up changing pretty rapidly.
We tried to climb the Japanese Colouir on Barril and the. West face on Dickey; but we encountered very poor snow conditions on those routes / aspects.

Even when we could not get a summit, the learning experience on decision making, snow stability and mountain forecast was very informative for Ted and Chris.
Our approaches to every objective that we tried were super incredible and our relationship grew  bigger.
Days past fast and is was time for us to fly back to Talkeetna.
Once in Talkeetna with a day to spare, we decided to go check out the very famous fishing trips that Alaska offers.
We ended up heading to Seward by the Kenai peninsula, where we had a fantastic day of Halibut and Cut fishing.
The scenery was awesome, we got to see Wales, Sea Lions, Sean Otters and many other cool animals.

All and all a very great trip with very cool folks.
It is all about the journey, not the destination.
Thank you Ted and Chris for such a fun trip.  Looking forward to spending more time in the hills with these awesome friends.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4All best,

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