Rock Climbing

Guided Rock Climbing Overview

Colorado rockies, Utah desert, and beyond

San Juan Mountain Guides offers a variety of courses and guided trips for rock climber’s of all ability levels and experience. Whether a course with us will be your first time rock climbing, you are an aspiring traditional climber, or are looking to tackle a multi-pitch classic, we’ll help you to build a solid foundation of skills you will be able to apply to your progression as a competent rock climber. Seasoned climber’s may want to check out our Rock Rescue Course, essential skills that any climber should learn.

*If our scheduled climbs do not fit your needs, we can also schedule private dates to accommodate your schedule needs/requirements.

2017 offerings

Introduction to Rock Climbing (2 days)
If you have been rock climbing in a gym, but have yet to venture outdoors, then this is the course for you. In our Basic Rock course we will introduce, review, and master skills such as belaying, rappelling, communication and top rope anchors.

Rock Rescue Course (2 days)
A must do for ALL climbers. Self-suffiency, whether at your local crag or in the mountains, is essential for the for you and your climbing partner. Covers topics such as belay tie-offs, lowering & rasing scenarios, rope ascension, knot passes and first aid considerations.

Lead Climbing & Anchors Seminar (3 days)
If your goal is learning how to lead and tackle the rigors of multi-pitch climbing, then this class was designed specifically with you in mind. The goal of the course will be to help prospective leaders develop good habits in their quest to become safe, competent, and strong lead climbers.

Desert Rock Seminars (2-4 days)
We offer crack climbing courses as well as private guiding and instruction in this world famous destination. The combination of climbing and camping can’t be beat. Simply the best crack climbing in the world and a great place to improve your overall climbing skill.

Private Instruction & Guiding
If the dates of our regularly scheduled rock courses don’t fit your schedule, we’re happy to schedule private instruction and/or guided ascents of area classics. We can accommodate either half or full days, based on the type of guiding or instruction you are looking for.

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