Indian Creek Utah

Indian Creek Rock Climbing

The World’s Best Crack Climbing Destination

Indian Creek

Indian Creek is the undisputed home of crack climbing. Practically the perfect cragging destination in the U.S. is host to a wide array of classic climbs and towers, not to mention scenic car camping. It’s a great place to learn the subtleties of crack climbing, and hone your climbing skills. We guarantee that you will be a better climber after your trip with us at Indian Creek. We offer both crack climbing seminars and private guiding for those who would like more one-on-one instruction.

The Fall (September – early December) and Spring (March – early June) are typically the best seasons to climb at Indian Creek, but the winter months are also an excellent time to climb. In the winter we tend to climb at sunny crags in order to be comfortable. Temperatures in the winter can be very pleasant (mid to high 50’s) but it often feels like the 70’s when you’re in the sun. It’s a great way to get some warm weather rock climbing in during those long winter months.

Expert, Certified Guides

We offer guiding and instruction with AMGA Certified Rock Guides, insuring you receive the most thorough and competent guiding available.  Our guides have climbed and guided in Indian Creek and the Utah Desert more than any other guide service in Colorado and our expert knowledge of the area and it’s routes is unmatched.

In a nut shell Bill is a valuable Demon of a climbing guide with a naturally gifted approach to guiding. I’m looking forward to returning in July for two more days in the Black! – J. Edmonds

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Indian Creek Rock Climbing Courses and Private Guiding

Indian Creek Utah

Courses or Private Guiding?

We offer both Private Guiding and regularly scheduled Crack Climbing Courses for your convenience.  Contact our office to determine which program is best suited to your background and skill set.

Desert Climbing Seminar

Indian Creek Utah

New for 2012 – 2013 is our 4 Day Utah Desert Climbing Seminar. This seminar adds 2 days onto our Crack Climbing Course and applies more specific focus to multi-pitch climbing and longer route strategies, as well as the more advanced topics of anchoring, protection placement, and rescue considerations.

If you’re an aspiring leader and want to participate in a course that will help to build a solid foundation of climbing technique and technical know how, then this is the program for you! We’ve designed this course to run Saturday – Tuesday to avoid the weekend crowds on popular climbs and towers such as Castleton Tower.

Rock Climbing Equipment List

  • Backpack
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Food & snacks
  • Rain jacket
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Belay Device
  • 2 Locking Carabiners

Training & Follow Up Programs

As always, being in good physical shape is an important component of our our programs. A good mixture of cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, and especially core strength will help you to maximize the potential rewards that are possible on a great program.

1Before Your Trip

Indian Creek Utah

2Follow Up Programs

  • Moab & Castle Valley
  • Red Rocks, Nevada
  • Indian Creek
  • Ouray Ice Climbing Courses

If and when I decide to tackle the big mountains I will call you guys for sure. I was very impressed with the guides and the service on my last class. Thanks again! – Chris N.

Indian Creek, Utah: Getting There

Indian Creek is located in the eastern Utah desert approximately 1 hour south of Moab, UT and near the entrance to Canyonlands National Park.  Though it is not very far to cities such as Moab, UT or Durango, CO, Indian Creek certainly feels remote.  You know you’ve arrived when the cell service is non-existent, artificial lights are nowhere to be found, and pure desert scenery is all around you.  Welcome to Indian Creek – one of the last great cragging destinations in the world.

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Flights: For those who would like to fly to the Indian Creek, Utah, the closest airport is in either Moab, Utah, Durango, CO or Grand Junction, CO. Due to the location of Indian Creek you will want to rent a car or arrange transportation with our office.  Additional fees may apply if we provide transportation to Indian Creek.

Driving: Below are some approximate driving times if you’d like to drive to Indian Creek, UT. Only a front wheel drive car is required and you need not worry about a high clearance vehicle either as the road into Indian Creek is paved and many crags are easily accessible from the road.

  • Moab, UT: 1 hour
  • Durango, CO: 2.5 hours

Hotels: For trips to Indian Creek, Utah where an overnight is required, we can only recommend camping. A truly breathtaking camping scene is part of the experience and will be one of your fondest memories from the trip.  Other than the lingering pain in your hands from crack climbing that is.


Additional Information

Indian Creek Utah

  • Cost Includes:
  • AMGA Certified Guides/ Instructors
  • Group gear (ropes, trad gear, etc)
  • Tents and cooking gear (if applicable)

  • Not Included:

  • Transportation to Indian Creek
  • Hotel costs before, during, or after the trips
  • 5% land use surcharge, trip cancellation insurance
  • Food
  • Guide gratuity
  • Transportation charges may apply for trips less than 2 days

  • Registration and Cancellation:
  • Advance Registration is required for this program. You have the option to either call our office and register via phone, fill out our pdf Registration Form and send it in via fax or email, or utilize our secure Online Reservation System.  All participants must read and sign an Assumption of Risks/Liability Waiver and agree to our Reservations and Cancellations Policies.

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