Sendero Iluminoso Ouray Rock

Adventure is literally right out our door here in Ouray. Just a short hike from town is a great nine pitch rock route, Sendero Iluminoso. This route climbs the prominent buttress of the Purple Cliffs on the west side of the Ouray valley. It is s super way to enjoy the sunshine and blue-skies while moving freely on the rock. Last weekend Patrick Ormond guided this route with a couple clients preparing for the Grand Teton later this summer. Sendero Iluminoso is an excellent route for learning to muli-pitch rock climb, and it is also a pleasure to climb as a veteran rock climber.

Enjoyable multi-picth rock climbing in Ouray

Enjoyable multi-pitch rock climbing in Ouray

Climbing high above Ouray for stunning views

Climbing high above Ouray for stunning views

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