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Stoke is High for Upcoming Ice Climbing Season

World Class Canyoning in Ouray
August 1, 2015
Pre-Season Stoke – Training for Ice Climbing
October 29, 2015

Here in Ouray we have had rain over the past few days and snow in the high country. This makes us eager with anticipation for the upcoming winter season and ice climbing. This moisture seeping into the ground is great for future ice flows. Once we start to get a melt / freeze cycle this precipitation will turn into ice, one of our favorite forms of water!


With Ice Climbing around the corner, now is the time to start pre-season training. This series of blog-posts is intended to give you ideas for your training sessions. At SJMG we get the opportunity to learn from Professional Climbers and Mountain Guides about how to prepare for Ice Climbing. By being dedicated to a training program you will be more physically & mentally ready for the challenges of climbing ice. There are many layers involved with a training program, we encourage you to consult experienced professional athletes and trainers to create an appropriate training program for your climbing goals and fitness level.

Whatever your goals are for this ice season whether it is climbing in the Ouray Ice Park, climbing steep backcountry ice routes, honing your mixed climbing skills, the possibilities are here in the San Juans. Start your pre-season training to give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy your ice climbing experience. We look forward to ice climbing with you!

Please stay tuned to our Pre-Season Stoke Series: Ideas to enhance your training sessions for the upcoming ice climbing season.

Here is a useful & insightful link from a professional climber that we very much admire and respect, Will Gadd. He is an amazing athlete with many incredible accomplishments. Taking the time to read material written by experienced athletes is a great way to learn how to reach your potential.

Ten Training Tips for Lifelong Athletes



Pre-Season Stoke Series presented by SJMG: Disclaimer: training should be taken seriously and we recommend consulting a professional trainer to learn what training program is best suited for you. This series of training tips is intended to give you ideas for your training sessions.