Ouray Ice Conditions

San Juan Ice Conditions

Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride Ice

We take pride in staying current on Ouray Ice Conditions and for all major ice climbs in the Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride areas.  Check back often for updates, pictures, and trip reports!

Update 12/28/13: This is a once in 5 – 10 year cycle. All major climbs are in condition, and some are the fattest we have seen in some time. BBB, Talisman, Sapphire Bullets are all in.  Ribbon, Ames, Hosers Highway are fatter than usual and climbing well. If you want to climb the classics I wouldn’t miss this season.


Goldrush Eureka Canyon Silverton

Goldrush conditions on 12/14/13

Hoser's Highway Eureka Canyon Silverton

Hoser’s Highway on 12/14/13

Ouray Ice Park  [Updated 12/28/13]

The Ouray Ice Park is open! Climbing areas south of the Upper Bridge are open but climbs north of the lower bridge will not open until the following weekend, December 21st. Conditions are excellent for the early opening this year.

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Camp Bird Road Climbs  [Updated 12/28/13]

The Camp Bird Road and Falls Creek climbs are all in excellent condition. Ribbon, BBB, Talisman are all seeing regular ascents, though 2 climbers narrowly missed a pillar breaking off of the Talisman. Skylight side of the road is getting climbed regularly already and the recent cold snap has been just what the doctor ordered for that area.

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Ouray Valley & HWY 550 [Updated 12/28/13]

The recent cold snap and forecast looks good for this area. Sunny skies predicted for the next week but daytime highs and nighttime lows are looking positive for prolonged formation of the climbs near Engineer Pass. As always with this area – look carefully at the quality of the ice and plan to start early and end early.

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Silverton Eureka Canyon [Updated 12/28/13]

Click here for the current avalanche hazard forecast for the Northern San Juans before you go!

The climbs in Eureka are all looking good, some are the fattest that we have seen in many years. In particular, don’t miss out on Goldrush and Hosers Highway is also looking great. Right side of the 3rd pitch on Whorehouse is a little funky this year.

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South Mineral Creek [Updated 12/15/13]

Climbs are all in great condition, but this recent storms have shut vehicle acces to this area down for the season. You can still approach on skis or snowshoes but avy hazards exist on many of the major climbs.

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Telluride Area [Updated 12/28/13]

…where the big kids go to get pumped on ice.

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