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Colorado’s San Juan Mountains

The Switzerland of America

The San Juan’s are one of the grandest mountain ranges in America.  They encompass over 12,000 square miles of mountain terrain, hundreds of peaks over 13,000 feet, the highest concentration of peaks over 14,000, and are home to the headwaters of the mighty Rio Grande.  For the mountain enthusiast, miles of historic mining roads offer unparalleled access to alpine terrain while six federally designated wilderness areas ensure pristine experiences.

This is the home of wilderness adventure and a lifetime destination for outdoor enthusiasts and mountain lovers everywhere.  It is no accident that a  high concentration of the worlds best alpinists call this range their home.  Thousands of rock, alpine, ice, and ski routes have been developed and tens of thousands await discovery.  Join us for the real big adventure – Colorado’s San Juan’s – there is nothing else like it.

San Juan Mountain Towns & Cities

Many unique towns and cities can be found throughout the San Juan Mountains.  At the southern end lies Durango – the largest city in the area and the location one of our office headquarters.

At the northern end lies Ouray – the quintessential mountain town and our other office headquarters is often referred to as “The Switzerland of America”. In between and to the west lie Silverton and Telluride – each with their unique character and atmosphere.  It will take more than just one trip to the San Juans to see all that the area has to offer – both for adventure and mountain town living.

city of ouray

Walk to Everything in Ouray

One of the unique aspects of Ouray that really appeals to our guests and all travelers alike is that you can walk everywhere. Our office location at 725 Main St is right across from Ouray’s premier mountain shop – Ouray Mountain Sports, and just down the street from other iconic destinations such as the Ouray Hot Springs Pool and of course, the Ouray Brewery. The convenience and pedestrian friendly atmosphere is truly something you have to experience!