Ouray Ice Conditions

San Juan Ice Conditions

Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride Ice

We take pride in staying current on Ouray Ice Conditions and for all major ice climbs in the Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride areas.  Check back often for updates, pictures, and trip reports!

Many routes are in good condition, though some classics like The Ribbon are dry this year but may come in later as a more pronounced melt/freeze cycle is predicted for this week. Check back often for updates. Bookmark this page and STAY TUNED!

As always, be safe out there and watch the winds and avalanche hazard (click here for CAIC North San Juan forecast) carefully as they relate to your plans for ice climbing.

Ouray Ice Park  [December 26, 2016]

The Ouray Ice Park is currently OPEN. See below for a list of areas that are Open, and please pay attention to the spot closures within each area.

If you would like to become a member of the Ouray Ice Park click here and become a supporter of this incredible climbing resource!

Ouray Ice Park Membership Options

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Camp Bird Road Climbs  [December 26, 2016]

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Ouray Valley & HWY 550 [December 26, 2016]

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Silverton Eureka Canyon [December 26, 2016]

Lots of snow and high winds recently. Many full track avalanches have run and been observed in the area. Click here for the current avalanche hazard forecast for the Northern San Juans before you go!

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South Mineral Creek [December 26, 2016]

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Telluride Area [December 26, 2016]

…where the big kids go to get pumped on ice.

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