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San Juan Tactical

Strategic Military Training Programs

San Juan Tactical programs have been developed to meet the unique needs of special operators and other government entities requiring movement and survival skills for extreme alpine environments – summer and winter. Our training grounds are like no other in the United States.

San Juan Mountain Guides is permitted to operate on over 5 million acres of rugged mountain terrain, with numerous training areas in high altitude environments that are capable of being accessed by foot, vehicle, helicopter, or high altitude aerial delivery. In addition to adverse alpine terrain we also are permitted to operate in a number of high desert locations in the Southwestern United States.

Our Mountain Range

The San Juan Mountain range boasts hundreds of peaks over 13,000 feet and average over 300 inches of snow annually. The high altitude winter environment is world renowned for our difficult to assess snowpack – if you can do it here, you can do it anywhere.

Additionally, scores of trail-less mountain basins, high mountain passes, and technical approaches and descents, along with our AMGA/IFMGA certified guides are sure to instill an advanced level of competency in each individual operator.

Training Methodologies

military tactical training programs

San Juan Tactical courses, instructors, and terrain are demanding of our participants on every level. We are committed to offering the best training available to our nation’s most elite warfighters and law enforcement personnel.

rexer10 day tactical winter operations course including avalanche hazard assessment and movement protocols, improvised shelters, ice and snow climbing skills, and general winter mountaineering – concludes with a challenging 24 hour full mission profile in a remote wilderness setting with optional integration of weapons utilization. Click here for the sample itinerary

rexer10 day tactical summer operations course including route-finding and packing for ultralight mountain movement, streamlined strategies for complex terrain, assessing technical terrain from a distance, increasing speed and climbing systems for the summer alpine environment – concludes with a challenging 24 hour full mission profile in a remote wilderness setting.

rexer5 day team ski travel in alpine terrain – this course focuses on efficient movement through high alpine avalanche terrain

rexer1-3 day mechanized snow travel (snowmachine) – can be added as a module

rexer1-3 day team technical ice/snow climbing skills – can be added as a module

rexer1-3 day rock climbing for operators – focusing on simplified and improvised systems for ascending and descending groups through 3rd, 4th, and 5th class terrain – can be added as a module.

Customized Programs Available

Please note that only qualified inquiries for these programs are accepted. All tactical programs are proprietary/confidential and only available to military and law enforcement personnel. Military/tactical course daily pricing starts at $249 per man, but varies according to schedule, training venue, and defined course objectives. Instructor travel costs may also apply for training programs outside of the San Juan Mountains.

Program inquiries can be made to Nathan Disser via phone (970-946-3973) or email [email protected].