Custom Programs

Custom Programs

Scheduled vs. Custom Courses & Trips

Custom vs. Schedule Programs

We run an equal number of scheduled and custom programs. What’s the Difference?

Scheduled programs are trips or courses with set dates, set group sizes, and a fixed cost. Custom programs are trips or courses arranged on a custom basis with a private group or individual.

Both scheduled and custom programs have advantages and disadvantages. In general, scheduled programs tend to work well for small groups of 1-2 people who are interested in keeping costs reasonable, and meeting new people.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office staff or program directors if you have any questions about what type of program is right for you or your group. We prioritize prompt responses to your inquiries and questions and our office staff is eager to help you design a program that exceeds your expectations!

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Custom Programs Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Date and schedule flexibility according to your specific preferences
  • No limitations.  Itinerary flexibility and option to combine multiple different disciplines in one trip
  • Programs tailored to your specific skill set and goals
  • Cost goes down per person as the group gets larger – usually 4 or more ppl
  • More expensive for groups of 1 or 2 people
  • More discussion with our staff and/or program directors is required to set up the program to your specifications

Scheduled Programs Advantages / Disadvantages

  • Less expensive for groups of 1 -2 people
  • Opportunity to meet new people and climbing partners
  • Set dates that allow you to plan your trips ahead of time
  • Lack of schedule flexibility.  The dates listed are the dates we run that program
  • Itinerary is set according to a pre-determined schedule
  • Courses, trips, and expeditions tend to fill up
  • Fewer customization options


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