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Ecuador Volcanoes Trip Dispatches #2

Ecuador Volcanoes Trip Dispatch #1
December 7, 2010
Ecuador Volcanoes Trip Dispatch #3
December 10, 2010

We climbed Pasochoa today, topping out at about 13,500ft. It is a beautiful hike beginning on a dairy farm, where we chatted with the owner who has been living there since 1937. The road from the farm to the trail, and from the town to the farm, rises up through the green hills and is constructed of millions of baseball sized rocks, placed by hand, over the years.

Team on top of Pasochoa

Team on top of Pasochoa

Along our hike we saw eagles soaring overhead, and staggering views of Cotopaxi and antisana in the distance. Our objective was in sight!  Snowline on Cotopaxi is below the hut,as seen with bill’s superzoom camera, and that gives us a good idea of what the hike to the hut will be like. We lunched on the summit and enjoyed the ease of downhill travel on our way back to the cars.

An hour’s drive brought us to La Estacion, our lodging for the evening, where we dined and sampled a local drink called canalassa, which is made of a cinnimon and brown sugar mix, with sugarcane liquer added. After dinner we practiced with the ropes and fell into our soft beds. Tomorrow we travel to Cotopaxi NP and move upwards in our journey.

Gary F.