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Training for Mount Rainier’s Liberty Ridge

San Juan Skiing: Ski the Rockies
January 20, 2013
Ice Progression Sessions
January 29, 2013

I had the pleasure of spending four days here in Ouray with Steve and Brad who are both preparing to climb Mount Rainier’s ultra classic Liberty Ridge. The Ridge is no small under taking. 6,000′ of steep snow and ice including a few hundred feet of 70 degree alpine ice at 14,000′ with a five day pack makes for a steep, committing, and phenomenally aesthetic climb.

Steve and Brad are not new to the mountains. Both have a variety mountaineering ascents under their belts including Rainier, Denali, Whitney and others. Both came to Ouray to dial in their ice skills so that after a few days of climbing with a heavy pack, they will have a solid foundation of ice skills to fall back on to get to the summit.

Both gentlemen progressed quickly from having never climbed ice to styling their way up the frozen waterfalls in the Ouray backcountry. Along with a heavy regimen of cardio training both men will no doubt be ready to face the challenge of Liberty Ridge.

What is your next objective? Let SJMG help you train for it!